Halloween is no longer slutty

Halloween. The one time of the year where it’s okay to dress sluty, right? Wrong.

As we, generation X, continue to grow, so has our taste in Halloween costumes. No longer are we dying to wear bunny ears, but instead most of us seek to find what’s trending within our culture, politics and films.

According to the US Today, the most trending costume within females this year was Harley Quinn. Harley QUnknownuinn is a fictional supervillain, known as an adversary of the superhero Batman as stated by Wikipedia. She is a badass in all sense of the word which is no surprise that woman would inspire to be like her.

I would credit the 2000 film Mean Girls to this cultural shift. While the film pokes fun at the typical American teenage girl’s life, it highlights many sad realities of being a girl. One major point being, that girls sexualize themselves during Halloween. The films opens up the audience eyes as they show a close up of a depressed father who can’t bare to look at his little girl dressed as a playboy bunny and a desperate mother who just wants to be socially accepted by her beautiful daughter.

While this scene is only about three minutes long, it opened a topic of conversation that, for a long time, had been socially avoided. That girls didn’t need to be provocative when dressing up. Since then, girls have opened their minds to the potential opportunities in choosing a character to dress as.


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