5 things you should know in your 20s

            As we get older we start to think more deeply on who we want to become in life. The “ideal self”, as psychologists would call it, is what you’d like to be. The self is who we want to become and the things we want to accomplish in life (simplypsychology.org).

            However, sometimes it’s easy to lose track of what is truly important in life when outside sources start to distract you. Your 20s are the most influential time for your future. Its at this time we start living our lives. We have finally set a career path and some of us have even tied the knott. But with life being full of surprises it’s crucial to set standards for yourself. Here is my advice on how to make the best out of your 20s.

1.Value your Family

            Sometimes we get so self absorbed with what we want in life and where we’re going to go next that we forget to stop and appreciate the most valuable thing we have, our family. I never realized how much I had neglected my own family until I bothered to look for a picture with them. How was it possible that I had hundreds of pictures with my friends and only a imageshandful with my parents? None of us want to look back in life and say I wish I would have had more time with them. Our family is the core of who we are. Even with the good and the bad that comes with life, your family has always been there for you and it’s your job to be there for them. My biggest advice is make time for them. Organize a weekly dinner or brunch, send them a random text to remind them that you care, but most of all remember to tell them you love them every time you see them. My grandfather was a very educated and successful man, but even as a child he always taught me that family was the most important thing in life.

2. Don’t Settle

           This part is definitely the hardest to follow. For most of us being alone is something we fear, so we tend to settle rather than spend a night without someone to hold. But who cares? Enjoy life were in images-1our twenties. Go backpacking with your best friend, make time for your family, and make time for yourself. My biggest issue with settling down is not the idea of being with someone, but the idea of losing yourself in the process. So many of us have, in the past, sacrificed our goals or intentions in life in order to please or be with someone. Because maybe you didn’t go to the college you wanted or you didn’t take your dream job, or ,the most popular, your relationship cost you your friendship.I’m not saying it’s wrong, but if things in the end don’t work out for you two the only one who loses is you.

3.Be Positive

        The context in which you choose to view things is everything, so don’t play the victim and don’t be Mr. Negative. Think positively. Life is too short to dwell on bad things, because that’s images-3life. There’s going to be times we’re going to struggle to pay bills, times we dislike someone who we run into, and we’re definitely not going to have everything we want, but that’s life. You make the best of what you have and enjoy that you’re living. There’s a common saying in the Mexican culture that my aunt once taught me, it goes, “There once was a kid who cried because he had no shoes, but there was another who cried because he had no feet.”

4.Be Ambitious

          There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life, so don’t let anyone tell you different. Everything that exist in the world started with an idea, a dream that became a possibility. So get images-5up and go after it. Be what you want and do what makes you happy.

5.Be Confident

         This is the key in accomplishing anything in life. You must be willing to believe you can do it and show it. Even the most powerful people are scared of something, but the key is to never show it. Just remember there’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness so stay humble. imgres-1

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