A Few Tips on How to Dress Well

My friends always come to me for fashion advice.

So dedicate this one to them. 

1) Mix&Match

Pair up your clothes with brands and none brand items. For example, when going on a girl’s night out try mixing up your designer tumblr_loyp5n95mG1qafoebo1_500hundred dollar shoes with a twenty-dollar Chinese boutique dress. Or another great example is knowing what is worth splurging on. For instance, a great bra makes a huge difference on anything you wear. So don’t be stingy on those Victoria Secret Bras. However, other items like leggings or t-shirts do not need to break your bank so settle for the outlet stores or a swapmeet for those basic essentials.

2) Dress to your Size

Nothing is less attractive then a woman trying to fit into a size that is just too small for her. No one, but you cares about what size you wear. dress-for-your-shape-forget-the-size-style-my-style-tips-for-womenAll anyone will notice is how good or bad an outfit fits you, so make sure it’s the right fit. For example, I’m a curvy girl so low rise jeans are not my friends because when I sit I flash my butt to the world.

3) Know your Colors

We all have different skin tones so be sure to wear what is flattering to your complexion. A harsh tone can really make or break your outfit by mindymaking you look too dark or too pale. For this reason, I stay away from super bright colors because my skin is so tan I prefer earthy tones.


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