The Struggles of Being a Woman Who Wants it All…

The idea of this topic came from one of my bosses. When one day during lunch I mentioned too-WOMAN-SUCCESS-facebook her that I was writing a blog dedicated to empowering women. And the next sentence out of her mouth was, “you should write about the struggles of being a successful woman and how it can intimidate men and ruin a relationship.”

As we may applaud the overall success of women’s rights we can’t deny, that with that success a new challenge has arisen. The social stigma of sex desiree-chris-married-site-003roles, where the lines of what defines a man’s and a women’s so called “roles in a relationship” have now begun to be rewritten due to our cultural evolution. Women are no longer just pursuing basic job titles. They are now chasing a better future for themselves specifically, one that does not depend on a man’s financial support.

Sadly enough though this drive isn’t always viewed so positively within a relationship most men seem to be intimidated or bothered by a woman who is more successful than him. Even more so sometimes the biggest critiques of this, is your own family. Who frowns at the idea that you can marry anyone less of your pay grade.

Though we cannot change the views of others we can, at least, ease the situation by staying humble. I feel the key to being in a so-called “unbalanced relationship” is by still allowing the man to feel like a man. Enjoy the fact that you don’t depend on him, but still make him feel as a valuable contributor to your relationship. Maybe let him pay for most dinners and hide your shopping splurges, but most of all make time for him. The key is just to find out what works for you two.

EHarmony’s advice website recently spoke out about this matter. They conclude that the 2 main reasons why successful women don’t have a relationsrelationship-goals.jpghip are because they are too uptight. (in my words) First they state that woman can’t let go of work, making the “man always feel like he’s bringing work home with him.”
Therefore, you are making yourself sexually undesirable with all that stress about work. Secondly, they say that it’s all about, “the attraction and not your success.” In other words you are boring and can’t hold a conversation that isn’t about something intellectual. I don’t know if I completely agree to these points, but it’s something to keep in mind.

In another advice website by Mellisa Lamson she gives 3 realistic pointers on how to have the best of both worlds a great relationship and a great career. And how they are all possible if you follow her 3 steps of; creating time, involving your partner, and setting longenhanced-31013-1409859286-11-term goals together. While relationships aren’t easy, they are possible with a little bit of work any woman can have it all.

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