I Love Beer!

For a long time drinking beer has only always been associated as a male dominant activity. However, with the recent popularity of microbreweries, drinking beer has slowly become more socially acceptable and appealing to women. Places like Ballast Point Brewing Company and various others are not only taking into account what they enjoy brewing, rtr3ls0gbut also how to bring in consumers who wouldn’t normally drink beer. Most breweries are very chic and tend to have a great atmosphere. Perfect for catching up with a friend or hosting a baby shower.

Times are changing and women shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. Trust me, you might just like it. With beers ranging from stouts to sours, I’m sure there is something that might please your pallet. So next time your guy ask, “What you want to do tonight?” Try suggesting a nice brewery where you can talk, laugh, and maybe gain some beer knowledge.


Where do you meet these guys?

am a strong believer of, “not shitting where you eat.” So when it came down to me wanting to get back in the dating game I ran out of options quick. I couldn’t see myself dating anyone I went to school with and I couldn’t date anyone I worked with without risking my reputation. So what was a girl to do?


Well on my 22nd birthday trip to Vegas, a friend confessed to me that her boyfriend and she had met through an online dating sight called Plenty of Fish or POF for short. I’ll admit that I had always been curious of dating sites but wouldn’t dare to try them in fear that I would run into someone I knew on there. However after seeing how happy she was with her new man, it struck me, she was so happy with this guy and if it wasn’t for her taking a chance on this website she might have never met him.

According to the Washington Post, singles making up over 55% of the American population, it is no surprise that online dating companies like eHarmony and Match.com are ruling the dating scene. No longer are we to find our companions through friends or in person, but through various means from where we can pick a smoker from a non-smoker and even narrow it down to their income level.

So the following week I dumped the cigarette addict (eww) I was dating at the time and started my account. At first it was exciting and very overwhelming. It was like being a kid in a candy store. You had your jawbreakers whose profile gave you a tooth ache from how perfect they were. To the ones who were like Harry Potter jelly beans and made you puke a little in your mouth from how perverted their messages would be.


As overwhelming as it was at first, I knew this was just a part of the process. In order to get anywhere in life you’re going to have to put yourself out there. So I kept at and still do four years later and three failed “relationships” I’m still here in the dating pool of what makes online dating. Don’t get me wrong, they were all great guys in their own way, but they were definitely not meant for me in the long run. Guy one, Crazy Rich Kid, he was the epitome of a spoiled middle class kid who is used to getting everything he wants. His privileged lifestyle led him to be a bipolar and controlling mess so I ran away from him as soon as possible. Guy two, Clark Kent, was the perfect gentleman. He always opened doors, took me anywhere I wanted to go, and even brought me home to meet the family. But when he wanted to move in together and started taking me appliance shopping, I realized that it was too fast for my pace and I ended it. Guy three, Daddy Issues, was a younger guy tall and super loud personality.  I enjoyed his company because he wasn’t overshadowed by my big personality. But his lack of communication and ignorance pushed me away quick. He had the mentality of a child and needed to be reminded and guided on how a relationship works. For example, he shouldn’t break his neck in order to check out the girl who walked passed us.


I’m sure my experience is very similar to many others.  With online dating sites on the rise, I don’t see it ending for me anytime soon. Ideally we all want to find someone special. So why not try it? Online dating is becoming socially acceptable and as embarrassing as it may seem at first, trust me when I say you won’t be the first nor the last to try it.

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